There are currently 5 racing classes in the PWRA and if there are enough participants every participant will be assigned to a class. Classes are made to match participants physical ability, power chair speed, and racing experience.
injury or disability
C2 SCI / sip n puff chairs
5-7 MPH
C3 SCI / MS / SP / Amputee / ...
7-10 MPH
C4-C5 SCI / MS / SP / Amputee /...
8-11 MPH
C5-C7 SCI / MS / SP/ Amputee/ ...
11 - + MPH
Full upper body function
Not all injuries and disabilities are displayed on this chart

All participants must enter in there class or may enter in a higher class, but no one may enter in a class lower than there own. Racing ranges from off road to asphalt, and may also incorporate different obstacles such as bump jumps, whoops, and table tops.

Winners from each class ranging from 1st place to 3rd will be awarded plaques or prizes. Every racer no matter what place he or she may come in or finish for the day will be awarded points. Points will be added at the end of the season and there will be trophies and prizes awarded for points leaders in the 2014 PWRA season.

Races are currently held in the Chicago land area, but the PWRA is looking to expand to more cities. If you are interested in starting Power Wheelchair Racing in your town please contact us. For current races scheduled for 2014 please visit the events page.